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Why Is Baldi’s Basics Still Popular?

It is a puzzle game where the player controls the titular character, Baldi. Gamers have to collect certain amount of items on a level and may use a limited range of moves to do so. Baldi's Basics game has many levels, which become available as you pass through the more difficult levels.

It is the game where you play as the character, Baldi, to get through school. It is similar to the original Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, but it is more animated. It has colorful colors, and 3D models are low on detail.

The goal of the Baldi's Basics free game is for the player to find all seven notebooks of his friend scattered around the school so that he is not caught by teacher Baldi, while you will be interrupted by other teachers and professors.


The player controlling Baldi and moves him around to gather objects in each level. The player can use a limited number of moves to collect the items. It has many levels, which are unlocked by completing levels that are more challenging.

You can play Baldi's Basics, which includes 4 playable game modes:

  1. Story Mode;
  2. Endless Mode;
  3. Excursion;
  4. Baldi’s Basics Birthday Bash;

Story Mode - This is where you must answer the questions correctly. If you answer a question incorrectly, Baldi will chase the player. The more questions the player answers incorrectly, the faster Baldi will chase the player. If Baldi catches the player, he will be returned to the title screen of the game.

Endless Mode - It is identical to Story Mode, except that the goal in this game mode is to collect as many notebooks as possible before Baldi catches the player.

The excursion - a demo version released by McGonigal, which will later become a game mode in the full version.

As for birthday-themed version called "Baldi's Basics Birthday Bash" it was released on April 1, 2019, in honor of the game's 1st anniversary. You can play Baldi's Basics free now.


The game has bright colors, and the 3D models are not very detailed. Baldi's Basics unblocked game's graphics are cartoon-like, with characters having large, expressive eyes and big heads. It is set in a school with hallways, classrooms, and an outdoor playground where the player can find items or clues to solve puzzles.


When you download Baldi's Basics you would control Baldi, and moves him to collect items in each level. Each player can use finite number of moves available to collect items. It can be controlled with a keyboard or mouse.


There are many levels, which are opened by clearing harder levels. The player can optionally collect all the items in the level in order to progress. In Baldi's Basics free play game the player can choose to keep trying levels in order to get a higher score.


  • Q1: How do I get the points?
    A1: Score points by finishing puzzles in a way that follows the rules.
  • Q2: What is the highest score possible in the game?
    A2: There is no limit to the score. You can get more points by completing the puzzles in a more difficult way.
  • Q3: On which platform can I play the game?
    A3: Baldi's Basics download on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Q4: Are there any microtransactions?
    A4: No, there are no.
  • Q5: What is the full name of the game?
    A5: The full name is Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning.


This is a simple, easy-to-understand game for players of all ages. You can play free Baldi's Basics. The gameplay is simple and based on completing different objectives and challenges. The graphics are simple and pixelated but are appealing to the eye. The controls are simple to understand and use.

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